Mataza Dominican Perfecto – AJ’s Choice

I’ll start off by saying when it comes to cigars I’m very much a medium to full body kinda guy. Very few lighter in strength cigars that have full flavor and smoke really well, in fact most well known lighter cigars have almost no flavor and don’t taste good much less smoke well.

Enter the new Mataza Dominican style Perfecto. This cigar took me by surprise to say the least. Working in the cigar industry you smoke a lot of cigars but when one catches your attention and you find yourself going back to it almost daily speaks volumes.

That’s exactly what this cigar did for me, this is almost a daily smoke for me now, this is cigar that is considered lighter and great for someone just getting into cigars and even better for a veteran smoker. It has a ton of flavor and changes complexity a few times which is amazing because of its size at 5×51.

If you haven’t given this one a try well you can tell I’m going to say don’t just get one, this is a cigar that you’ll want stocked in your humidor.

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