AJ Fernandez 5 Pack Sampler – Sampling the Goods

Sampler packs are a great way to go when you haven’t been able to try a cigar or you want to try a few and then give a few to some friends. Sampler packs allow you to figure out which lines you would like best from a company. Some brands are smart by adding 1 or 2 top end sticks in there or they have 1 top end and some every day smokers in there but rarely do you find a brand that says let’s do 1 from every line we have including a cigar we just launched for everyone to try on top of the fact they are all top end cigars.

Well that’s exactly what AJ Fernandez decided to do and they nailed it, add in the fact its packaged beautifully and they come in a perfect bag that is a humi bag that can continued to be used  to carry sticks around in. This is one company that did their sampler 5 pack correctly, and like i said you even get their brand new cigar in it that just launched! Who wouldn’t want that?!?

This is one a just a few sampler packs we carry, so CLICK HERE and head over to the sampler area on the site and grab a few today and find out what your palate has been missing from some amazing cigar companies!

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