La Aurora 1962

La Aurora 1962, part of the “La Aurora Time Capsule Series”, is an authentic vintage tribute to the long-standing tradition of the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. A tasteful nod to the year 1962, this cigar embodies an era of evolving traditions and expert craftsmanship.

The 1962 cigar is carefully crafted with a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers, secured with a Dominican binder and crowned with an exquisite Corojo wrapper. This medium-bodied cigar displays a deep complexity that resonates with both new enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Upon igniting a La Aurora 1962, you’re greeted with a well-balanced mixture of spice and sweetness. As you journey through the smoke, subtler notes of cocoa, cedar, and earth emerge, offering a multi-layered smoking experience. The cigar burns evenly, resulting in a smooth and satisfying draw with each puff.

The La Aurora 1962 has been commended by cigar critics for its consistency and intriguing flavor complexity. While not extensively recognized in mainstream pop culture, it has been quietly admired in the more discerning circles of cigar aficionados, gaining a reputation for its remarkable blend and outstanding construction.

These cigars are more than a smokable commodity; they represent a significant chapter in the grand narrative of La Aurora’s proud history. When you light a La Aurora 1962, you’re not just enjoying a cigar – you’re indulging in a timeless tradition of excellence, a rich testament to the craft that has endured for well over a century. Experience the La Aurora 1962, and join the celebration of a heritage built on unmatched craftsmanship and passion for cigars.

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