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Garcup Cigar Ashtray

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Specially designed to fit snugly into Golf Cart drink cup holders for a secure ride while on the course. Bump-proof, rattle resistant and wind-proof.
Also, fits most drink cup holders in cars, trucks, boats and RVs.
Made from a durable heat –resistant plastic polymer with all Stainless Steel hardware for outdoor use.
Spring loaded, tight fitting Lid will keep the ash inside as you drive the course – or ride the waves.
Special cigar rests built into the GarCup™ ash tray to hold your smoke while you tee-off, putt, or real in the big-one.
Dishwasher safe for fast and complete cleaning.
Tested and approved for use in salt-water environments.
Simple Lifetime Warranty
Made in USA by American craftsmen.

Ideal for use in:

Golf Carts

Cigar Brand
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