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One Piece Stainless Steel ‘Stinky’ Ashtray – Distressed Copper Plated


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Established in 2004 by Bill “Stinky” Salviano, Stinky ashtrays have gained widespread popularity in the cigar community, frequently found in lounges and outdoor spaces due to their durable construction, spacious ash reservoirs, and integrated cigar holders. Stinky offers a diverse range of models, many available in various finishes, ensuring a suitable ashtray for any setting. The One Piece ashtray, featured here, is meticulously crafted from a single solid piece of stainless steel, optionally with a finish. This construction style guarantees exceptional durability, boasting a deep central reservoir capable of holding up to three cups of ash and accommodating six cigars for shared enjoyment. Resistant to rust and wind speeds up to 30mph, this Stainless Steel ashtray effortlessly withstands daily wear and tear, even floating in water for added relaxation in aquatic environments like bathtubs, pools, or spas.

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