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Fuente y Padrón Legends Collaboration (7×50/Box of 40)

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The project was first announced in 2021 and shown off, with great fanfare, in 2022. Given the stature of both Arturo Fuente and Padrón, Legends has also been one of the most anticipated cigar releases ever, no doubt helped given the prolonged build-up towards its release.

Each box of Fuente y Padrón Legends will contain 40 cigars: 20 made by Arturo Fuente and 20 made by Padrón. Both cigars are 7 x 50 Churchills; the cigar made by Fuente is round, the cigar made by Padrón is box-pressed. No blend details about either cigar have been disclosed.

The project was created by Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. and Jorge Padrón to honor their respective fathers: Carlos Fuente Sr. (1935-2016) and José O. Padrón (1926-2017). In an interesting twist, the cigar made by Padrón is to honor Fuente Sr., while the cigar made by Fuente is to honor Padrón.

“I made a cigar that I thought, if I ever run into (José O. Padrón) ever, the cigar in my pocket, that’s the cigar I’d like to hand him and say, ‘this cigar, let me know what you think, this is for you,’” said Fuente Jr. to halfwheel. “And knowing (José) Orlando Padrón, he probably wouldn’t have said anything. He would have said, ‘Gracias amigo.’ (Thank you friend.) He would have got the cigar, and maybe a year later, when I ran into him, he would have said, ‘by the way, that cigar wasn’t bad,’ and that would have meant an incredible, great cigar and that’s all I ever wanted from someone like him.”

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