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Baccarat Bonitas

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The Baccarat Bonitas is a delightfully indulgent cigar that boasts a unique combination of premium Honduran tobaccos and an exquisite Connecticut Broadleaf. This mild-to-medium bodied choice offers a delightful mix of flavors encased in a slim, refined shape. Revel in the enticing notes of rich cocoa, nutmeg, subtly complemented by a touch of wheat and a dash of tobacco sweetness from the flavored cap. Perfect for those seeking a shorter but equally rewarding smoke, the Baccarat Bonitas is sure to impress. While this cigar pairs well with your preferred robust coffee or whiskey, it also stands confidently on its own.

Highlights of the Baccarat Bonitas
This cigar boasts a top-tier blend of tobaccos hailing from the fertile soils of Honduras. Its filler and binder are supplemented by an alluringly sheen Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The unique cap is delicately flavored to offer a hint of sweetness, enhancing the overall smoking experience to a delightful climax.

About Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Cigars stands as one of the widely recognized and applauded brands in the cigar industry, treasured for its commitment to quality. Originating in the late 19th century, Baccarat has consistently delivered the pinnacle of craftsmanship and rich flavors. Its reputation gleams with numerous accolades for its superior cigars, articulating the brand’s devotion to excellence.

If you’re a fan of James Bond, you might recall the titular character’s fondness for Baccarat, a subtle nod to the decadence and sophistication associated with this exceptional brand.

In closing, allow us to extend an invitation to indulge in the nuanced splendor of the Baccarat Bonitas. At Hiland’s Cigars we appreciate your demands for quality, and in response we offer discount prices on cigars every day. Ensuring your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand ready to provide quick shipping and exceptional five-star customer service. Plus, for a limited time, you’ll receive a free Baccarat T-Shirt with the purchase of this product- an irresistible offer for any cigar enthusiast.

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