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Acid Krush Classic Blue Tins Ctn 5 tins

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The Acid Krush Classic Blue Tins provide exceptional smoking pleasure in a compact size. Originating from the well-respected Acid brand, this cigar is skillfully crafted in the Dominican Republic and combines a diverse blend of tobaccos: a meticulous selection of Cameroon, Connecticut, and Maduro styles. Measuring a sleek 4 inches with a 32 ring gauge, the neat, box-pressed shape complements the silky Connecticut wrapper. The filler and binder, filled with aromatic, infused Nicaraguan tobacco, entwine to manifest a unique smoking experience. Whether enjoying a leisurely smoke or you’re short on time, these are an excellent option. Furthermore, this cigar pairs exceptionally well with a classic coffee or a smoky Islay whisky.

Highlights of the Acid Krush Classic Blue Tins The significant feature of this cigar lies in its complex and balanced flavors. The medium-bodied smoke delivers a sweet and spicy draw with hints of tea leaf, clove, floral, berry, and honey flavors. Natural tobacco notes and earthy undertones bring balance to the small yet gratifying smoke. Furthermore, it uses infused Nicaraguan tobacco, which significantly contributes to its unique flavor profile.

About Acid Cigars:

Acid Cigars, a sensationally innovative brand established in the late 90s by the renowned Drew Estate, has forged an iconic status among tobacco enthusiasts. The brand’s innovative vision in cigar making coupled with top-notch craftsmanship led to its global popularity, long recognized for pioneering the infusion process resulting in extraordinarily distinctive cigars. The originality of Acid Cigars is undeniable, standing testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and cutting edge cigar-making methods.

The Acid brand has gained commendable recognition within the cigar community and beyond. Acid Krush Classic Blue Tins, along with other Acid Cigars have won numerous awards over the years, including the illustrious ‘Cigar of the Year.’ Additionally, Drew Estate, the creator of Acid Cigars, was recognized as ‘Large Company of the Year’ for 2020 and 2022 by Cigar Coop.

The Acid Krush Classic Blue Tins adds a touch of luxury to every puff. Hiland’s Cigars, providing discount prices on Cigars every day, has this delicious ensemble in its selection. Experience the swift shipping and 5-star customer service as you partake in the refined taste and lingering aroma of Acid cigars. Order from Hiland’s Cigars for your supply today!

Cameroon, Connecticut, Maduro

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