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EP Carrillo Sumatra Toro (6×52 / Box of 24)

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The E.P. Carrillo Sumatra cigars are a notable addition to the E.P. Carrillo portfolio, known for their quality and craftsmanship. Here’s an overview of these cigars:


E.P. Carrillo, founded by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr., is renowned in the cigar industry for producing high-quality, flavorful cigars. Ernesto is a celebrated figure in the cigar world, with a legacy that includes his work with La Gloria Cubana before establishing his own brand.

Cigar Details

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: A blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos

Flavor Profile

The E.P. Carrillo Sumatra cigars are known for their rich and complex flavor profile, which typically includes:

  • Spice: A prominent spice note, often with black pepper.
  • Earthiness: Deep earthy tones providing a robust base.
  • Sweetness: Subtle hints of sweetness, often with notes of cedar, cocoa, or coffee.
  • Nuttiness: A nutty undertone that adds to the complexity.

Construction and Performance

E.P. Carrillo cigars are well-regarded for their excellent construction. The Sumatra line is no exception, with a consistent draw, even burn, and solid ash, ensuring a satisfying smoking experience.


These cigars generally fall into the medium to full-bodied range, making them suitable for smokers who appreciate a robust and flavorful smoke without being overpowering.


The E.P. Carrillo Sumatra cigars have received positive reviews from both critics and everyday cigar enthusiasts, praised for their balance, complexity, and craftsmanship.

Pairing Suggestions

  • Beverages: Pair well with coffee, aged rum, or a robust red wine.
  • Occasions: Suitable for a relaxed evening smoke or special occasions where a high-quality cigar is appreciated.
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