ZorroZ Brand Bloody Mary Mix


Our gourmet ’ZORROZ Brand’™ Bloody Mary Mix is like none other. It has the hot and spicy flavor and flare of the American Southwest. So thick and velvety you almost have to coax it out of the bottle; and it stays that way even after pouring over ice, and enhanced with your finest vodka, gin, or tequila, and it is a terrifically refreshing and healthful vegetable juice drink straight from the bottle, and poured over ice.buy zorroz spicy bloody mary mix

Every time you treat yourself with ’ZORROZ Brand’™ Bloody Mary Mix, savoring its unique texture, flavor and tastes, you’ll be asking yourself, hmmm…,”I wonder what that was. Sure tasted good!!”  

You will not taste even a hint of any clam juice, anchovies or any other denizens of the deep; nor will you smell or taste any beefy additives, or the over powering impact of Worcestershire, Tabasco, Steak or Barbeque Sauces. We do not add any artificial colors, flavor enhancements, unpronounceable binders or artificial preservatives. Additionally, be aware that there are no soy, corn, wheat or other ingredients that contain gluten in our formulation.

Our premium quality, ’ZORROZ Brand’™ Bloody Mary Mix is made with 100% natural ingredients, starting with the highest quality tomato paste we can obtain. Rounding out the rest of our proprietary family recipe are spicy hot puréed jalapeño and habanero chili peppers, fresh onion & garlic, salt, and water; to which, at the appropriate time, we add our own medley of dried celery, red bell pepper, black pepper, chives and garlic. Then we begin the pasteurization, preservative process, which allows all of the ingredient flavors of meld together.

Then, at the proper time, to finish out the final, unique, bold and spicy flavor of the best tasting, Bloody Mary to cross you lips, and to act as our own natural preservative, we add red wine vinegar and concentrated lemon & lime juice for that exciting, piquant, tangy flavor of our exciting ’ZORROZ Brand’™ Bloody Mary Mix.

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INGREDIENTS: Tomato Concentrate, Freshly Ground Jalapeño & Habanero Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Lemon & Lime Juice, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Dried Seasonings (black pepper, chile arbol, red bell pepper, celery, chives & garlic), Water.

(32 FL. OZ.)

Max shipment per order is 2 bottles if you want more that’s great but we will have to charge you $9.98 for shipping per 2 bottles

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ZorroZ Brand Bloody Mary Mix


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