Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake (1.76oz/Tin) 50gram


Many class this as the mellower and sweeter cousin of Full Virginia Flake/Plug and its easy to see why. The tobacco is made using high quality virginias and even has the same, slight herby/vegatal aroma found in FVF/FVP. This mellower version is made without the use of any toppings and is one of the cleanest Virginias produced in the UK.

Best smoked by rubbing into a ribbon and packing, can be folded but needs to be dried out a little first. Once lit you are greeted with divine sweetness and a gentle herby and nutty flavours. Depending on how you cut this plug a bowl can last for hours and burns cleanly to the bottom of the pipe, leaving a fine ash. With us not being able to get Capstan Blue Flake in the UK, this is the best alternative and is better to be honest.


Blend – Virginia
Casings – None
Cut – Flake
Origin – Kendal, England
Packing – Loose


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