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Dean Swift Snuff Dr Rumney



The Dr. Rumney blend is characterized by a bold menthol flavor. The snuff is produced with 100% fine foreign tobacco and is made in the United Kingdom using all-natural ingredients. The nasal snuff is ground very fine and packaged in .31 oz. tins.  There are 12 tins to a unit.

Nasal Snuff lovers will find this blend quite robust and appealing, reminiscent of the original, coveted Dr. Rumney blend. Dr. Rumney Nasal Snuff is manufactured in the McChrystal ‘s factory, run by the family’s second and third generation, maintaining the family legacy. McChrystal’s was established in 1926.

Single tin .31oz (Minimum of 2 tins per purchase)

Unit of 12 tins 3.72oz

This Sampler comes with 5 1.2 oz Cans. 1 Long Cut Wintergreen, 1 Long Cut Straight, 1 Long Cut Mint, 1 Long Cut Natural, 1 Fine Cut Natural. This sampler has a value of $36.00 but has been discounted with this purchase!

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Full Box 12 tins, Single Tin

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