Stokers Chewing Tobacco – Tequila Sunrise



An imaginative blend of tobacco flavor complemented by hints of orange and pomegranate.

Minimum purchase of 3 bags.

Available in individual 16 oz bags or Save $2 per bag when you buy 8!

Embark on a flavorful adventure with Stoker’s Chewing Tobacco – Tequila Sunrise. This imaginative blend, infused with robust tobacco flavor complemented by hints of orange and pomegranate, creates a chewing experience that’s both bold and exotic. With its shredded tobacco leaves presented in a loose leaf format, Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise offers a tantalizing taste sensation that’s as vibrant as the colorful dawn it’s named after.

Blend & Cut: Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise Chewing Tobacco showcases a unique fusion of flavors. The robustness of tobacco meets the zesty tang of orange and the sweet richness of pomegranate, creating a blend that is both exciting and flavorful. The shredded tobacco leaves provide a satisfying chew that engages the senses.

Loose Leaf Experience: The loose leaf design, consisting of shredded tobacco leaves, allows for an even pack and a memorable, lasting chew. Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise is crafted for those who dare to explore a blend that’s rich in flavor and full of character.

Tropical Flavored Indulgence: Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise stands out with its exotic combination of orange and pomegranate flavors. This creative touch adds depth and complexity to the chew, making it an enticing choice for those looking for a unique and adventurous flavor experience.

About Stoker’s: With a heritage that dates back to 1940, Stoker’s continues to be a leader in innovation and quality in the world of chewing tobacco. Their Tequila Sunrise blend is a symbol of their commitment to crafting products that provide extraordinary and unique flavor experiences.

Stoker’s Chewing Tobacco – Tequila Sunrise is not just a chew; it’s a flavor-filled escapade into the exotic world of blended tobacco with tropical hints. With its layered texture of shredded tobacco leaves and a flavor that tantalizes with robust tobacco, zesty orange, and sweet pomegranate, this chew offers an unforgettable taste adventure. Available at Hiland’s Cigars, this special blend invites you to savor the multifaceted pleasure of Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise. Order your Stoker’s Tequila Sunrise today and ignite your senses with the vibrant and exotic delight that only this blend can provide.

1 lb Bag (16oz), 8 - 1 lb Bags (128oz), Case of 24 lbs (192oz)

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