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Stokers Snuff Long Cut Natural Tub (12oz)



Stokers Natural Long Cut Tub (12 oz). This snuff product has a taste of tobacco. One tub is equal to 10 (1.2 oz) cans. This is a loose cut product that consists of small strands of tobacco.

Minimum order of 3 Tubs!

Buy 12 tubs and save $3 on each!

This Sampler comes with 5 1.2 oz Cans. 1 Long Cut Wintergreen, 1 Long Cut Straight, 1 Long Cut Mint, 1 Long Cut Natural, 1 Fine Cut Natural. This sampler has a value of $36.00 but has been discounted with this purchase!

Indulge in the robust and authentic taste of tobacco with Stoker’s Snuff Natural Long Cut Tub (12oz), a loose cut product that offers a satisfying and genuine tobacco experience. Comprising small strands of tobacco expertly cut and blended, this 12oz tub provides the equivalent of 10 (1.2 oz) cans, ensuring ample supply for true tobacco enthusiasts.

Blend & Cut: Stoker’s Natural Long Cut Tub is all about embracing the natural flavor of tobacco. The loose cut consists of small strands of quality tobacco that come together to create a rich and straightforward taste that’s free of embellishments – pure, unfiltered tobacco pleasure.

Packaging: The 12oz tub is a convenient and economical way to enjoy Stoker’s Long Cut Natural. With the content equivalent to 10 (1.2 oz) cans, this tub is perfect for those who know what they love and want it readily available.

Loose Cut Experience: The loose cut offers a unique chewing experience, providing an easy pack and a slow, satisfying release of the true taste of tobacco. It’s a cut designed for those who appreciate the essence of tobacco in its purest form.

About Stoker’s: A trusted name since 1940, Stoker’s has become synonymous with quality, tradition, and innovation in the world of smokeless tobacco. The Natural Long Cut Tub is a proud addition to their legacy, embodying their commitment to authenticity and quality.

Stoker’s Natural Long Cut Tub (12oz) is not merely a product; it’s a celebration of tobacco in its truest form. Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or curious about the genuine flavor of tobacco, this tub offers a convenient and fulfilling way to enjoy a classic. Exclusively available at Hiland’s Cigars, this unique offer invites you to explore the richness of natural tobacco flavor. Order your tub today and experience the honest, unadorned pleasure that only Stoker’s can provide.

12 Tubs 144oz, Single Tub 12oz

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