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In the quaint streets of 1950s Germany, Jerry Hiland was enchanted by the aromatic allure of local tobacco stores. Upon his return to the United States, this inspiration, combined with a dream and his wife Gisela’s support, led to the establishment of Hiland’s Tobacco Locker in San Pedro, California in 1963. Initially spotlighting pipe tobacco, their signature blend, Black Gold, swiftly gained prominence.

Their expansion journey began in Westminster, California, where Jerry discovered the unparalleled appeal of cigars. Joined by his son, Scott, they spread the Hiland charm across multiple states, opening an impressive 20 stores by 1985.

The 90s saw a surge in cigar popularity! Challenges in the 2000s led Scott to innovate, focusing on their digital web presence from their base in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, Hiland’s, boasting hundreds of brands, promises more grandeur in the coming years with a new cigar bar.

Join the legacy, light up a cigar, and celebrate the Hiland’s dream realized.

Image of Jake, Jerry, and Scott
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