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Cabinet Humidors

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A cabinet humidor is a type of storage unit designed specifically for the storage of cigars. It is essentially a large cabinet or chest that is designed to maintain a consistent level of humidity and temperature, which are both critical for preserving the quality of cigars over time.

The interior of a cabinet humidor typically consists of a series of shelves or drawers that can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cigars. The humidity level inside the humidor is usually controlled by a humidification system, which can either be passive (such as a wet sponge or foam) or active (such as an electronic humidifier).

Cabinet humidors can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and even acrylic. They can range in size from small desktop models to large freestanding cabinets capable of storing hundreds or even thousands of cigars.

For serious cigar collectors or enthusiasts who have a large number of cigars to store, a cabinet humidor can be an ideal solution for maintaining the quality and flavor of their cigars over an extended period of time. Hiland’s cigars carries several types of cabinet humidors to suit different types of cigar smokers.

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