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Hiland’s Cigars 5-Cigar Travel Humidor

SKU: HilandsTravelHumidor-BLK


This premium travel humidor holds 5 cigars and is built with high quality materials.  Makes a great gift for any cigar smoker!

Why not fill this travel humidor with some awesome cigars? Let Hiland’s stock up this humidor for you! We’ll pick out 5 great cigars and ship them out inside the humidor. Makes for a great gift, too!

Introducing Hiland’s Cigars Travel Humidor, the ultimate companion for every cigar enthusiast on the move. Keep in mind that there are many cheaply made travel humidors out on the market today, but this one is really nice!  This sleek, professional-looking humidor, adorned in an elegant black finish, epitomizes the blend of style and function that has become synonymous with the Hiland’s Cigars brand. Constructed with a sturdy, plastic material, this travel humidor offers exceptional protection against drops and breaks, ensuring your cherished cigars remain in impeccable condition. The interior boasts foam padding, meticulously contoured to securely hold up to five Churchill cigars. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended journey, your cigars will travel in absolute comfort and safety.

An added luxury is the built-in humidifier puck, a thoughtful inclusion that maintains the humidity level for your cigars. Your cigars will retain their flavor, freshness, and aroma, ready to be enjoyed whenever the moment calls. Incorporating a high-quality rubber strap, this humidor ensures ease of carrying and additional security. Its compact design not only stores cigars but also accommodates essential accessories, making it an all-in-one solution for the traveling aficionado. This product makes a great gift for any cigar smoker, too.

The exterior, graced with the prestigious Hiland’s Cigars logo, accentuates the humidor’s sophistication, making it not just a container but a statement of class and refinement.

Choose the Hiland’s Cigars Travel Humidor for a seamless, worry-free travel experience. Allow us to be part of your journey as you explore new horizons without ever having to leave the comfort and luxury of your favorite cigars behind. Experience travel the Hiland’s way with our awesome 5-Cigar Travel Humidor.

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