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My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos (5×50 / Box of 20) + Free Shipping!

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The My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto cigars are a premium, handcrafted cigar that exemplifies the craftsmanship and dedication of the Garcia family, the renowned creators behind the My Father Cigars brand. These cigars are known for their exceptional quality, rich flavors, and remarkable construction, making them a favorite among cigar enthusiasts.

The My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto cigars boast a striking and elegant appearance. They are presented in a classic, traditional Cuban-style format, featuring a robusto shape. The cigars measure approximately 5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 50. The wrapper leaf is a beautifully dark and oily Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Corojo 99 wrapper, which adds to their overall visual appeal.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of these cigars. The Invictos Robusto is impeccably constructed, with a seamless, flawless wrapper that showcases the expertise of the rollers. The cigar feels firm to the touch, with an even pack that ensures a smooth and consistent draw. A well-applied triple cap not only adds to the aesthetics but also ensures a clean cut for a perfect smoking experience.

Tobacco Blend:
The blend of tobaccos used in the My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto is the result of years of experience and a meticulous selection process. The filler tobacco consists of a combination of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, primarily from the Garcia family’s own farms, providing a rich and complex flavor profile. These fillers are known for their peppery, earthy, and slightly sweet notes.

The binder is also Nicaraguan, helping to hold the cigar’s structure together and contribute to the overall flavor profile. The star of the show is the Nicaraguan Corojo 99 wrapper, which imparts a spicy kick and a leathery sweetness that beautifully complements the blend.

Flavor Profile:
The My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto offers a full-bodied and complex smoking experience. As you light up, you’ll immediately notice a burst of pepper and spice that tantalizes the palate. This spiciness is balanced with notes of earth, leather, and a subtle sweetness that emerges as the cigar progresses. The flavors are well-rounded and harmonious, making for an engaging and enjoyable smoke.

The aroma of the Invictos Robusto is equally enticing, with a combination of toasted wood, roasted coffee, and a touch of cocoa. The scent wafting from the burning cigar is sure to be appreciated by those around you.

Burn and Draw:
One of the standout features of the My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto is its exceptional burn and draw. The cigar burns evenly and creates a firm, compact ash that holds well. The draw is smooth, allowing for a steady flow of flavorful smoke without any resistance.

These cigars are on the higher end of the strength spectrum, offering a solid full-bodied experience. While they may be a bit intense for beginners, they are sure to satisfy the seasoned cigar aficionado looking for robust flavors and complexity.

The My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto cigars typically come in boxes of 20, neatly presented in an elegant wooden box with the brand’s logo and the distinctive Vegas Cubanas branding. The packaging exudes a sense of luxury that matches the quality of the cigars.

In conclusion, the My Father Vegas Cubanas Invictos Robusto cigars are a testament to the Garcia family’s dedication to their craft and the rich tradition of cigar making. These cigars are a flavorful and well-constructed option for those who appreciate bold, full-bodied smokes with a complex flavor profile. Whether you’re enjoying one on a special occasion or as part of your regular rotation, the Invictos Robusto is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.


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