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A. Fuente Rare Pink

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The A. Fuente Rare Pink Cigars are a limited edition release from the Arturo Fuente brand, which is well-known in the cigar industry for producing high-quality, premium cigars. The Rare Pink cigars were first released in 2007 and have been re-released in subsequent years in limited quantities.

These cigars are unique in that they feature a pink-hued, Cameroon wrapper that has been aged for five years. The wrapper is complemented by a blend of Dominican filler and binder tobaccos, which are also aged to perfection.

The A. Fuente Rare Pink Cigars are known for smoking smoothly and evenly, with a medium-to-full body and complex flavor profile. The Cameroon wrapper gives the cigar a unique flavor and aroma, with notes of spice, leather, and cedar that are complemented by the Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. The cigar has a smooth and creamy smoke, with a slightly sweet finish.

Because the A. Fuente Rare Pink Cigars are a limited edition release, they are highly sought after by cigar aficionados and collectors alike. They are typically sold in boxes of 10 or 25, and the boxes themselves are often highly collectible as well, featuring unique designs and artwork.

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