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Asylum Friday The 13th

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The Asylum Friday the 13th is a limited edition cigar release that pays homage to the iconic horror franchise of the same name. This cigar is produced by the famous cigar brand Asylum, known for their high-quality and bold-flavored cigars.

The Friday the 13th cigar features a dark and oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, which gives it a robust and spicy flavor profile. The binder and filler are both Nicaraguan as well, which adds to the complexity of the smoke.

But what really sets this cigar apart is its packaging. The box is designed to look like the infamous hockey mask worn by Jason Voorhees, the serial killer from the Friday the 13th films. The cigar itself is wrapped in a red and white band that features the iconic “13” symbol from the franchise.

Asylum Friday the 13th has become a popular choice for horror fans and cigar enthusiasts alike, as it combines two of their favorite things. It’s the perfect smoke to enjoy while watching a horror movie marathon or reading your favorite horror novel.

This cigar has also made its way into pop culture, with references appearing in movies and TV shows. In the TV show “American Horror Story: Hotel”, one of the characters is seen smoking an Asylum Friday the 13th cigar. The cigar has also been mentioned in podcasts and other media as a must-try for horror fans.

Overall, Friday the 13th is a delicious and unique cigar that is perfect for horror enthusiasts and cigar aficionados. So grab your hockey mask, light up an Asylum Friday the 13th, and prepare to be scared!

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