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Avo Uvezian 88

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The Avo Uvezian 88 is a cigar that is beloved by cigar aficionados worldwide for its impeccable blend, refined taste, and luxurious smoking experience. Named after the legendary Avo Uvezian himself, this cigar was released in 2013 to celebrate Avo’s 88th birthday and quickly became a fan favorite.

One of the most remarkable things about the Uvezian 88 is its blend, which is a carefully crafted combination of Dominican tobaccos that have been aged for up to 10 years. This blend creates a complex and balanced flavor profile that is both smooth and rich, with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and leather.

In addition to the exceptional blend, the Uvezian 88 is also renowned for its impeccable construction. Each cigar is expertly rolled by skilled artisans, ensuring a perfect draw and even burn from start to finish.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Avo Uvezian 88 is the experience it provides. From the moment you light up, you’ll be transported to a world of luxury and refinement, with a smoking experience that is both indulgent and memorable.

Overall, this is a cigar that is truly exceptional in every way. From its impeccable blend and construction to its luxurious smoking experience, this cigar is a true masterpiece that is sure to delight any cigar enthusiast. If you’re looking for a cigar that is both refined and indulgent, the Avo Uvezian 88 is definitely worth trying.

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