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Baccarat Belicoso Maduro

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The Baccarat Belicoso Maduro is a subtle yet flavorsome offering renowned for its satisfying blend of wheat, cocoa, and nutmeg. Crafted in the classic Belicoso shape, this delightful cigar boasts a Honduran binder and filler enveloped in a luxurious Connecticut shade Maduro wrapper. This distinctive blend presents a relaxing smoke, perfect for mellow-smokers and those with a sweet palate. The occasion for a smoke might be ripe for a session with a dark chocolate or a cappuccino to further accentuate the flavor notes.

Highlights of the Baccarat Belicoso Maduro: A testament of refined craftsmanship, this cigar offers a Connecticut shade Maduro wrapper that houses a high-quality Honduran binder and filler. The Maduro variety, in particular, imparts a sweet, robust flavor that complements the light and creamy undertones of other ingredients.

About Baccarat Cigars:
Established in 1871, Baccarat Cigars has carved out a significant reputation in the cigar industry. The dedication to quality, consistent flavour and incomparable craftsmanship has been the hallmark of Baccarat cigars.

Baccarat has always held high regard in the cigar enthusiast community. It was mentioned in the “Inspector General”, a comedic play where the protagonist talks about his fondness for Baccarat cigars. It showcases the brand’s popularity and its classic appeal that transcends through the ages.

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