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Camacho Liberty Series 2021



This year marks 19 years of Camacho Liberty, a series that is one of the most highly-anticipated annual
releases for collectors and aficionados of bold, full-frontal cigars.
Launched ahead of the July 4th holiday to celebrate and honor the birth and history of the United
States, this special series is like no other. The blend in this series has been comprised from tobaccos of
a variety of regions and vintages, making it a knockout cigar for Camacho.
The 2021 Liberty Series blend captures the strength and character of four distinct regions. Our blenders
have harnessed these daring qualities into the classic Churchill format. It’s bold and explosive, yet also
balanced in its depth. Bursting with pepper and spice, this blend matches the energy and intensity of
patriotic Independence Day celebrations.
Only 1,500 boxes available nationally.

Liberty Churchill 2021  48 x 7

Intense in aroma and deep in flavor, this cigar captivates deserved attention
Perfectly reflects the expertise of the Camacho factory with its balanced depth and complexity
Captivating packaging that celebrates the contrast of vintage and modern America
Perfect for gifting, collecting, and regular enjoyment


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