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Cohiba Red Dot

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Cohiba Red Dot, also known as Cohiba Dominican, is a luxurious line of premium cigars, crafted under the prestigious Cohiba brand, which is owned by General Cigar Company. While the original Cohiba brand has its roots in Cuba, the Red Dot line is meticulously produced in the Dominican Republic, utilizing high-quality tobaccos from different regions. It is named “Red Dot” due to the red circle surrounding the iconic “Cohiba” logo on the band.

The blend that sets these apart is its combination of Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano filler, Indonesian Jember binder, and a luscious, toothy Cameroon wrapper. The Piloto Cubano filler is handpicked and aged for a minimum of three years, resulting in a rich, smooth, and balanced smoking experience. The Indonesian Jember binder adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

Red Dot cigars are medium-bodied, offering a harmonious blend of flavors that cater to a broad range of palates. The tasting notes include hints of wood, earth, spices, and a touch of natural sweetness from the Cameroon wrapper. The cigars exhibit exceptional construction, ensuring an even burn, easy draw, and a satisfying, slow smoking experience.

The Red Dot line offers various vitolas to suit individual preferences, such as Robusto, Corona, Lonsdale, and Churchill, among others. The presentation is sophisticated and refined, with each cigar nestled in an elegant wooden box that showcases the emblematic Cohiba logo.

Cohiba Red Dot is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating exquisite cigars that stand out in the premium market. The fusion of Dominican and international tobaccos, coupled with Cohiba’s exceptional blending techniques, makes the Red Dot a remarkable choice for cigar connoisseurs seeking a refined and enjoyable smoking experience.

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