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Diesel Esteli Puro

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Diesel Esteli Puro, a standout offering from the Diesel Cigar line, represents a deep dive into the rich flavors and craftsmanship of Nicaragua’s esteemed Esteli region. Crafted by the skilled hands of master blender AJ Fernandez, this cigar captures the essence of its birthplace in both spirit and taste, presenting a smoking experience that is intense, complex, and deeply satisfying.

The Diesel Esteli Puro is an homage to the region’s renowned tobacco, featuring a blend of premium, aged Nicaraguan fillers, binder, and wrapper – all sourced exclusively from AJ Fernandez’s own farms in Esteli. This puro, or “pure” blend, provides a unique opportunity to explore the distinct flavors and characteristics of Esteli’s highly praised tobacco.

Upon lighting a Diesel Esteli Puro, smokers are greeted with an intricate dance of flavors. Bold notes of black pepper and dark chocolate emerge at the forefront, complimented by underlying hints of leather, coffee, and earth. The smoke is rich and full-bodied, delivering a punch of Esteli’s signature strength and complexity.

In terms of construction, each Esteli Puro showcases the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with AJ Fernandez’s work. The burn is consistent, the draw is easy, and the ash holds firm, all pointing to a well-constructed, quality cigar.

Encased in a striking, rustic box that pays tribute to its roots, Esteli Puro embodies a sense of authenticity and boldness. For the cigar enthusiast who appreciates full-bodied smoke and the distinctive taste of Nicaraguan tobacco, the Diesel Esteli Puro provides a smoking experience that is as robust as it is memorable.

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