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Herrera Esteli Miami

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Herrera Esteli Miami cigars are not just premium smokes, they are an embodiment of Willy Herrera’s journey as a master blender, representing his roots and the rich tradition of cigar making in Miami. These gems are unique in the Herrera Esteli line, as they are produced not in Nicaragua, but at the El Titan de Bronze factory on Calle Ocho in Miami, Florida. The factory, a small but iconic place known for its hand-rolled premium cigars, is where Herrera himself started his cigar-making career, creating an intriguing backstory for this sophisticated blend.

The blend of Herrera Esteli Miami is intriguingly diverse, featuring an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This combination of tobaccos brings forth a complex, medium to full-bodied smoke that’s a treat for any seasoned aficionado.

Upon lighting, Herrera Esteli Miami introduces a rich, creamy smoke laced with notes of cedar, pepper, and subtle sweetness. The smoke evolves, unveiling hints of leather, cocoa, and a light citrus tang, giving the palate a symphony of flavors to enjoy. Each puff from this artfully crafted cigar tells a story, its complexity revealing itself gradually, like chapters in a novel.

Critics have hailed Herrera Esteli Miami as an outstanding blend. Cigar Aficionado bestowed it with a stellar 92-point rating in 2018, indicating its excellent quality and craftsmanship. The cigar’s smaller ring gauge and box-pressed design, often considered a salute to traditional Cuban cigar aesthetics, have also earned high praise.

Interestingly, these cigars are limited in production, a fact attributed to the smaller size of the El Titan de Bronze factory and its adherence to the classic Cuban style of “Level 9” rolling, which is performed by only the most experienced torcedors. This scarcity, coupled with its exceptional quality, makes the Herrera Esteli Miami not just a cigar, but a sought-after experience for true connoisseurs.

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