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Isla del Sol

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Isla del Sol cigars, produced by the renowned Drew Estate, transport smokers to an island paradise with their unique blend and unforgettable flavor profile. Named after the “Island of the Sun,” these cigars embody the spirit of leisure and the joy of a relaxed, sun-soaked lifestyle.

The history of the cigars are rooted in Drew Estate’s innovative approach to cigar making. Unlike traditional cigars, Isla del Sol cigars have a distinctive infusion of Sumatran Mandheling bean coffee, creating a unique, aromatic smoke. This creative process is a testament to Drew Estate’s commitment to exploring new frontiers in the world of premium cigars.

Each Isla del Sol cigar is expertly crafted with a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco leaves and enveloped by a sun-kissed, golden-brown Sumatran wrapper. Upon lighting, the sweet, rich aroma of coffee fills the air. The flavor profile is smooth and creamy, with a delightful mix of chocolate, vanilla, and coffee notes, complemented by a mild tobacco undertone. The finish is slightly sweet, leaving a lasting impression of a pleasurable, relaxed smoke.

Drew Estate’s innovative, high-quality cigars, including Isla del Sol, have a broad appeal. They have been spotted at celebrity events and are known to be favorites among those who appreciate a fine, aromatic cigar with a unique twist.

Ultimately, Isla del Sol cigars provide an unrivaled sensory experience that captures the spirit of an island getaway, making every moment feel like a mini-vacation. With their superb quality and unmatched flavor profile, these cigars make a statement that’s both classy and adventurous.

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