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Java by Drew Estate

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Java by Drew Estate is an intriguing line of cigars that stand apart for their unique infusion process and flavor profiles. This line, developed in a collaborative effort between Drew Estate and Rocky Patel, offers an innovative spin on traditional cigar making, resulting in a truly unique smoking experience.

Java by Drew Estate cigars are hand-rolled using a distinctive blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos for both the filler and binder. What truly distinguishes these cigars, however, is their wrapper. Each variant in the line uses a different wrapper leaf: Java Latte features a creamy Connecticut wrapper, Java Maduro boasts a rich Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, and Java Red uses a dark and oily Brazilian wrapper.

The real magic lies in the infusion process. Each cigar is gently infused with the flavor of gourmet mocha, creating a delectable combination of traditional tobacco taste with a hint of coffee and chocolate. The result is an exquisitely balanced smoke that offers a burst of sweetness without overwhelming the palate.

Java by Drew Estate cigars are renowned for their flawless construction. Each cigar features a solid, firm feel with a consistent and even burn, allowing for a relaxing, leisurely smoke. These cigars produce a rich, aromatic smoke that’s pleasant for both the smoker and those nearby.

There are three main variants in the line: Java Latte, Java Maduro, and Java Red. Java Latte provides a smooth and creamy smoke, while Java Maduro offers a richer, more robust experience. Java Red introduces notes of cherry for a slight tartness that contrasts beautifully with the sweet cocoa and coffee flavors.

Critics and cigar lovers alike have showered Java by Drew Estate cigars with praise, admiring their innovative approach, their superb construction, and most importantly, their distinctive and delightful flavor profile. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a novice looking for a unique smoke, Java by Drew Estate offers an exceptional experience that is sure to satisfy.

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