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Kentucky Fire Cured

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Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC) cigars by Drew Estate mark a significant departure from traditional cigar-making techniques, introducing a smoking experience that mirrors the historical processes once used in Kentucky and other parts of the world for curing tobacco.

The history of fire-curing tobacco dates back hundreds of years, primarily in Kentucky and Tennessee. During this process, hickory, maple, and oak woods are set ablaze within enclosed barns, allowing the smoke to infuse the hanging tobacco leaves with a rich, smoky flavor. Drew Estate adopted this historical technique to create the unique Kentucky Fire Cured line, marking a transformative moment in the cigar industry.

The blend used for KFC cigars combines Nicaraguan and American (Kentucky and Virginia) tobaccos. Each cigar features a dark, oily San Andres wrapper from Mexico, adding a robust depth to the overall flavor profile. However, the star of the show is undoubtedly the fire-cured tobaccos. Upon lighting a KFC cigar, the palate is greeted with an unmistakable smoky flavor reminiscent of a campfire or barbeque. This is balanced with earthy tones, a hint of sweetness, and a subtle spice, resulting in an intriguing complexity that’s both robust and satisfying.

Kentucky Fire Cured cigars are not merely a product, but a celebration of history and culture. Drew Estate has even hosted KFC Barn Smoker events, allowing enthusiasts to witness the traditional fire-curing process first-hand. These events offer entertainment, education, and a communal appreciation of this age-old tobacco curing process.

In the realm of reviews, Kentucky Fire Cured cigars have been lauded for their distinctive flavor profile and excellent construction. They offer a unique appeal to those looking for a break from conventional cigars and a dive into a flavorful, historical journey. For both the casual smoker and the seasoned aficionado, the KFC cigar is an exploration of tradition, taste, and craftmanship, making it a must-try in any tobacco journey.

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