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Liga Privada Aniversario

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Liga Privada Aniversario is a milestone creation from the prestigious Drew Estate. The name translates to “Private Blend Anniversary,” a fitting moniker for a cigar that commemorates the brand’s illustrious journey in the realm of premium cigars.

The Liga Privada Aniversario was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the Liga Privada line, a decade defined by remarkable blends and unparalleled craftsmanship. This cigar marks a departure from the broadleaf wrappers that the Liga Privada series is known for, introducing a bold, Ecuadorian Habano leaf to wrap a stunning assembly of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.

The first few puffs deliver a burst of peppery spice that quickly mellows into a symphony of flavors. Notes of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and a hint of dried fruit provide a rich, complex profile. The smoke is beautifully balanced, with subtle earthy undertones and a creamy finish.

The construction of Liga Privada Aniversario cigars is nothing short of exquisite. Each stick boasts a beautiful, oily sheen, a firm feel in the hand, and a burn that remains consistent from start to finish. Every puff is a testament to Drew Estate’s dedication to creating a truly remarkable smoking experience.

Liga Privada Aniversario has been met with rave reviews from cigar connoisseurs. It’s praised not just for its flavor profile, but also for its novelty within the Liga Privada line. For Drew Estate enthusiasts and novices alike, the Liga Privada Aniversario is more than a smoke – it’s a celebration, a journey through a decade of fine cigar crafting, punctuated by each draw from this exceptional blend.

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