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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa

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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s Sobremesa is a notable premium cigar that’s rich in both flavor and history. Steve Saka, the mastermind behind the brand, developed Sobremesa as the flagship line upon launching DTT after leaving Drew Estate. Sobremesa, translating to “over the table” in Spanish, embodies the leisurely conversations and lingering camaraderie that often follow a good meal — a fitting metaphor for this impeccably crafted cigar.

Sobremesa’s unique blend comprises five tobaccos: a dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Mexican binder from Matacapan, and a diverse filler blend from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania, USA. This combination offers an intriguing balance of strength and flavor, creating a medium-to-full-bodied profile that tantalizes the palate with notes of cocoa, cedar, and spice, rounded off by a creamy sweetness.

Little-known facts about Sobremesa include its painstaking creation process, involving meticulous selection of tobacco leaves aged to perfection. Additionally, its binder — the Mexican Matacapan leaf — is a tribute to vintage, old-world cigars, as this leaf was commonly used in the industry’s early years but is rarely seen today.

Another lesser-known fact is that the band of Sobremesa is devoid of the brand’s name, an unusual move in the industry. Saka’s reasoning is that the cigar should speak for itself, a testament to his confidence in Sobremesa’s outstanding quality.

Since its release, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s Sobremesa has consistently received high praise from critics and enthusiasts alike, often lauded for its intricate flavor profile and flawless construction. It truly embodies the essence of a premium, artisanal cigar, encapsulating the joy of shared moments and rich conversation — just as its name suggests.

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