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Roberto Pelayo Duran is the mastermind behind Duran Cigars, a brand that carries the tagline, “Puro Sentimiento” or “Pure Feeling,” an embodiment of Duran’s passion for premium cigar craftsmanship. Hailing from Cuba and starting his career at the Partagas Factory in Havana, Roberto Pelayo Duran embarked on a mission to create a unique smoking experience, merging the rich traditions of Cuban cigar craftsmanship with modern sophistication.

Duran Cigars offers a range of exquisite blends, meticulously crafted from specially selected tobacco leaves from their own plantations in Ecuador. The brand prides itself on maintaining control over the entire cigar-making process, from seed to smoke, ensuring uncompromising quality and consistency. This vertically integrated process also enables Duran Cigars to deliver an intriguing variety of flavor profiles to suit a diverse range of palates.

The brand’s standout lines include the Azan, a tribute to ancient Cuban tradition, and the Neya, a fuller-bodied blend. Azan cigars are renowned for their medium-bodied profile, offering nuanced notes of sweetness, spice, and cocoa, while the Neya line provides a robust smoke marked by complex flavors of coffee, chocolate, and earth, all underpinned by a spicy undertone.

In terms of popular opinion, Duran Cigars has garnered a strong following among cigar enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition. Both Azan and Neya lines have received positive reviews for their balanced flavors, solid construction, and smooth draw. The brand’s Cuban heritage, combined with its innovative blends, make them a choice selection for those seeking a unique, satisfying smoking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, Duran’s offerings are sure to provide a captivating journey of taste and aroma.

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