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Fratello Camo Blu

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Introduced by Fratello Cigars, the Camo Blu is part of the distinctively unconventional Camo series, which also includes the Camo Rosso and the Camo Verde. This line emerged as a response to the demand for smaller, more affordable cigars that didn’t compromise on flavor or quality. Launched in 2020, the Camo series represents the brand’s commitment to offering diverse options to cater to a broad range of cigar enthusiasts.

The Fratello Camo Blu stands out with its enticing blend of flavors and quality construction. Wrapped in a lush Habano wrapper from Ecuador, filled with a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos, the Camo Blu offers a flavorful medium-bodied smoke. Upon lighting, smokers are treated to an inviting blend of flavors, with initial notes of earth and spice mingling seamlessly with undertones of sweet fruit and a hint of cocoa. The result is a well-rounded, satisfying smoke that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The Camo Blu, like its siblings in the Camo series, comes in bundles rather than boxes, a packaging choice designed to keep costs down while maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality. The cigars’ smaller size makes them perfect for a quick smoke, yet they still deliver the rich flavor profile that Fratello is known for.

An interesting fact about the Camo series is that it was initially intended for sale exclusively at brick-and-mortar stores. Founder Omar de Frias wanted to show support for these businesses, particularly during challenging economic times, highlighting the brand’s commitment to the cigar community.

The Fratello Camo Blu is more than just a cigar; it’s a testament to the brand’s innovative approach to cigar-making, its dedication to its customers, and its ongoing support of the cigar community. This blend of quality, affordability, and commitment makes the Camo Blu a standout choice for both seasoned smokers and those new to the world of cigars.

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