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Fratello Camo Verde

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Fratello Camo Verde is part of the unique Camo series, a testament to Fratello Cigars’ continuous innovation in the world of premium cigars. The Camo series, introduced in 2020, is a trio of cigars (Verde, Rosso, and Blu) that aims to deliver exceptional flavor and quality in a more accessible format and price point. This line was launched by Fratello’s founder, former NASA analyst Omar de Frias, to meet the growing demand for shorter, budget-friendly smokes that don’t compromise on taste or craftsmanship.

The Camo Verde is beautifully constructed with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper enclosing a blend of Peruvian and Nicaraguan tobaccos. This multinational combination delivers an engaging flavor profile that is smooth, nuanced, and pleasantly complex. The initial draw reveals mild to medium-bodied smoke, offering a harmonious blend of creamy, earthy tones, followed by subtle notes of nuts, cedar, and a hint of sweetness. This cigar is designed to evolve as you smoke, with the flavors becoming richer and more pronounced, leading to a satisfying finish.

An interesting aspect of the Camo Verde, and the Camo series in general, is its packaging. To keep the price point affordable, these cigars are sold in bundles rather than traditional boxes. Yet, despite their affordability, these cigars deliver an impressive smoke volume, with each puff producing a dense, aromatic cloud that enhances the overall smoking experience.

Initially, the Camo series was intended to be sold exclusively through brick-and-mortar stores as a show of support for these businesses, highlighting Fratello’s commitment to strengthening the cigar community. This detail might be of particular interest to consumers who value supporting local businesses and the broader cigar industry.

In conclusion, the Fratello Camo Verde is a fantastic choice for both seasoned aficionados and beginners looking for a quality, affordable cigar with a versatile flavor profile. The careful blend of tobaccos, dedication to quality, and supportive community ethos make the Camo Verde a standout choice in the cigar world.

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