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Indulge in the grandeur of fine craftsmanship with Hiland’s distinguished selection of Grand Hibano Cigars. The Grand Hibano brand marries tradition with innovation, resulting in a cigar that’s cherished by both seasoned connoisseurs and discerning newcomers alike.

The journey of Grand Hibano Cigars began in the lush tobacco fields of Nicaragua. Founded by an esteemed family with a deep-seated passion for cigar making, Grand Hibano has grown into an iconic symbol of luxury and refinement. Their traditional Cuban cigar-making methods, passed down through generations, ensures the authenticity of every cigar that carries the Grand Hibano name.

Every Grand Hibano cigar is meticulously handcrafted, blending a rich mix of Nicaraguan long fillers with a distinct Honduran binder, all sheathed in a flawless Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. This remarkable composition offers a full-bodied smoking experience with a flavor profile that is as refined as it is memorable.

Igniting a Grand Hibano cigar introduces you to an extraordinary flavor journey. The initial draws bring forth a rich, earthy character, intensified by notes of cocoa and espresso. As the smoke progresses, nuances of leather and spices intermingle, providing a complex yet balanced palate of flavors. The finish lingers with a satisfying touch of pepper, punctuating the depth and complexity of this magnificent cigar.

An intriguing and lesser-known fact about Grand Hibano is their unique aging process. The tobacco used for these cigars is aged for an extended period, culminating in a depth and smoothness rarely seen in other cigars. This long aging process, a guarded secret of the Grand Hibano family, gives the cigars their signature richness and full-bodied character.

Grand Hibano Cigars are more than just a symbol of elegance and class. They represent an unwavering commitment to quality, tradition, and the pursuit of the perfect smoke. Hiland’s Cigars is proud to offer this renowned brand to its customers, allowing them to partake in the exceptional experience that is Grand Hibano. Enjoy the allure of this remarkable brand and allow its rich history and flavor profile to transport you to the verdant fields of Nicaragua with each puff.

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