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Gurkha Assassin

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Embark on a flavorful journey with Gurkha Assassin cigars, a line of premium hand-rolled cigars steeped in tradition and endowed with an enigmatic allure. Offered by Hiland’s Cigars, the Gurkha Assassin is an experience that no cigar enthusiast should miss.

Gurkha Cigars, renowned worldwide for its exclusive and luxurious collections, masterfully crafts the Assassin line. With its evocative name, the Gurkha Assassin echoes the stealth and precision of its namesake, delivering a powerful, yet refined, smoking experience.

The Gurkha Assassin boasts a blend of aged tobaccos that delivers a truly robust profile. Crafted in Nicaragua, the Assassin features a Brazilian wrapper, a rare and coveted tobacco leaf that imparts a distinct depth to the cigar. This opulent cloak enfolds a balanced mix of Nicaraguan and Peruvian long-fillers, bound by a Dominican binder.

Smoking an Assassin is like a shot of full-bodied flavor. Rich notes of cocoa and black pepper mingle with an earthy sweetness that hints at molasses and espresso. As the cigar progresses, the bold spiciness evolves into a complex medley of toasted wood and dark chocolate, culminating in a smooth, pleasing finish. This flavor odyssey makes the Assassin a compelling choice for seasoned smokers looking for a cigar with character and depth.

A fun fact that adds to the mystique of the Assassin cigars is the packaging. Each box is uniquely designed to resemble a classic lockbox, speaking volumes about the brand’s commitment to an immersive experience, right from the presentation to the last puff.

In the world of premium cigars, this stands stands as a testament to Gurkha’s commitment to deliver exceptional quality and unforgettable experiences. Hiland’s Cigars invites you to explore this unique offering from Gurkha, a smoking experience that skillfully balances power and refinement, delivering a true assassin’s strike of flavor and enjoyment.

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