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Gurkha Cellar Reserve 10th Anniversary

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Dive into the rich legacy of Gurkha with the Gurkha Cellar Reserve 10th Anniversary cigars, a special line that marks a significant milestone in the illustrious journey of this renowned brand. Available at Hiland’s Cigars, this limited edition offers a sublime smoking experience that pairs tradition with innovation.

Celebrating a decade of the acclaimed Cellar Reserve line, Gurkha has outdone itself with this anniversary edition. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, these cigars exemplify Gurkha’s commitment to excellence and the fine art of cigar making. Each piece features a stunning Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper, cradling an exquisite blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers bound by a well-aged Dominican Olor binder.

Flavor-wise, the Gurkha Cellar Reserve 10th Anniversary presents a medium to full-bodied profile that enchants the palate. The initial notes of rich cedar and leather are swiftly followed by a mélange of flavors – black pepper, creamy chocolate, and a whisper of citrus. As the experience unfolds, there’s a subtle emergence of sweet spice, culminating in a satisfying, lingering finish.

This line has the most interesting presentation, embodying the elegance and luxury that Gurkha stands for. The cigars are housed in a beautifully crafted wooden box, each stick individually sealed within a glass tube. The box itself is adorned with intricate artwork and the Gurkha logo, underlining the exclusivity of this anniversary edition.

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 10th Anniversary cigars are not merely a sensory pleasure; they represent a piece of Gurkha’s celebrated history. For the discerning smoker, each puff is a testament to the brand’s expertise and dedication to creating exceptional cigars. At Hiland’s Cigars, we invite you to commemorate this milestone with Gurkha, and to partake in this extraordinary smoking experience. The enchantment of Gurkha awaits.

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