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Marquesa by Gurkha

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Journey into the realm of classic Cuban heritage with Marquesa by Gurkha, an exclusive offering available on Hiland’s Cigars. Gurkha Cigars, a brand celebrated globally for its diverse portfolio and unparalleled quality, introduces the Marquesa series to transport you back in time to the golden age of Cuban cigars.

Crafted as a tribute to traditional Cuban cigar-making techniques, the Marquesa series is Gurkha’s homage to history. Each Marquesa cigar is a masterful blend of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers, bound by a Nicaraguan binder. The composition is elegantly encased in a Sumatra wrapper, creating a medium-bodied smoke with a robust, old-world character.

The flavor profile of Marquesa by Gurkha is an exciting journey through time. As you light one up, expect to be greeted by hints of earth and leather, evolving into a symphony of peppery spice, subtle creaminess, and hints of nuts. The lingering notes of cocoa and cedar on the finish make for an absolutely satisfying smoking experience.

To enhance the vintage Cuban essence, Marquesa cigars come in 19th-century style packaging, reflecting the brand’s commitment to the roots of cigar craftsmanship. Each box flips open to reveal two sides, with one side featuring rounded cigars and the other offering box-pressed ones. This unique presentation gives you the choice to enjoy Marquesa in the style you prefer.

Praise for Marquesa by Gurkha among cigar aficionados has been abundant. Reviews commend its balanced strength, captivating flavor profile, and the impressive consistency of its burn. The series is often referred to as a must-try for those who seek a cigar experience that reverberates with nostalgia and tradition.

Unearth the golden era of Cuban cigars with Marquesa by Gurkha, exclusively available at Hiland’s Cigars. Indulge in a smoke that not only delivers exquisite flavors but also carries the allure of a timeless cigar tradition. With Marquesa by Gurkha, you are not merely enjoying a cigar; you are stepping into a tale of tradition, heritage, and the undying love for the art of fine cigar-making.

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