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Immerse yourself in a rich tradition of excellence and timeless elegance with H. Upmann Cigars, a prized collection available at Hiland’s Cigars. The H. Upmann brand is steeped in history, having maintained its reputation for superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship since its inception in 1844.

H. Upmann Cigars carry the name of its founder, Herman Upmann, a German banker who fell in love with the art of cigar making during his stay in Havana, Cuba. He created his own cigar brand, which over the years, has become an emblem of quality and sophistication in the cigar industry. This long-standing history and heritage is infused in every H. Upmann cigar, making each one a piece of a time-honored tradition.

This cigar is not just a smoke; it’s a journey into a complex blend of flavors. The cigars feature a harmonious mix of premium Dominican and Peruvian long-fillers, held together by an exquisite Dominican binder. The blend is encased in an Indonesian wrapper, which imparts a mellow to medium-bodied smoke. Enjoy a smooth, creamy smoke enriched with hints of cedar, nuts, and subtle spice, making for a balanced and gratifying smoking experience.

True to its esteemed reputation, H. Upmann cigars come in elegant, traditional boxes, mirroring the brand’s dedication to quality and class. It’s not just the cigar that speaks volumes about its heritage, but the packaging itself tells a story of refinement and tradition.

The praise for H. Upmann Cigars among seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike is substantial. Reviews frequently highlight its consistent burn, smooth draw, and well-balanced flavor profile. It is often noted as an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing and enjoyable cigar experience that doesn’t overwhelm but delights the palate.

Explore the H. Upmann collection at Hiland’s Cigars, where tradition and quality converge to offer a truly extraordinary smoking experience. With H. Upmann, each puff is a testament to a legacy that has withstood the test of time, promising not just a cigar, but a piece of history crafted with care and love. Celebrate the art of fine cigar making with H. Upmann, where every cigar is a timeless treasure.

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