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Habano Classico

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Welcome to Hiland’s Cigars, where we proudly present the legendary Habano Clasico Cigar brand, a masterpiece crafted by Arturo Fuente for over four decades. With over 1,000,000 cigars sold, the Habano Clasico has become a symbol of excellence, sophistication, and timeless pleasure.

For 40 years, Arturo Fuente has dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of cigar making, and the Habano Clasico is a shining testament to their unwavering commitment. Each cigar is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest tobacco leaves, sourced from the most prestigious tobacco farms around the world. The result is a cigar that embodies the essence of luxury and indulgence.

The Habano Clasico brand offers a wide variety of blends and sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect cigar for every discerning palate. From the rich and robust Maduro wrappers to the smooth and flavorful Naturals, every option in the lineup showcases the artistry and expertise that has made Arturo Fuente a revered name in the cigar industry.

Lighting up a Habano Clasico cigar is an experience like no other. From the first draw, you’ll be greeted with a symphony of complex flavors, carefully balanced to deliver a truly unforgettable taste. The intricate blend of tobacco leaves imparts nuances of earth, spice, cedar, and subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious fusion that will captivate your senses.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Habano Clasico ensures a flawless burn and a consistent draw, allowing you to savor each moment of your smoking journey. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, the Habano Clasico is guaranteed to provide an exceptional smoking experience that will leave you craving more.

Indulge in the legacy of the Habano Clasico, a brand that has stood the test of time and continues to exceed expectations. Discover why over 1,000,000 cigars have been sold and join the ranks of connoisseurs who appreciate the unparalleled craftsmanship and taste of Arturo Fuente’s Habano Clasico cigars. Shop our collection at Hiland’s Cigars today and embark on a journey of refined pleasure.

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