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HVC First Selection

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Experience the captivating fusion of tradition and innovation with HVC First Selection Cigars, an extraordinary line crafted with the heritage of Havana’s celebrated cigar culture and the zest of the new age. Helmed by Reinier Lorenzo, a proud son of Havana, HVC First Selection Cigars are the brand’s original release that sets the stage for a truly remarkable smoking journey.

Born from the finest Aganorsa tobacco leaves, grown and nurtured in the fertile fields of Nicaragua, the HVC First Selection is a masterclass in cigar craftsmanship. The blend harmoniously balances power and subtlety, creating a smoke that is both nuanced and compelling, promising to captivate both the seasoned aficionado and the adventurous novice.

The HVC First Selection features a stunning Criollo ’98 wrapper, cradling a blend of Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 fillers that provides a captivating complexity of flavors. This extraordinary combination creates a harmonious blend that radiates the essence of Cuban heritage in every puff.

From the moment it’s lit, the First Selection greets you with an inviting aroma and an orchestra of flavors. Notes of earthy sweetness, toasted nuts, and hints of spice unfurl on your palate, each draw adding a new layer to its intricate flavor profile. The cigar’s well-constructed body ensures a slow, even burn, enhancing the richness of the experience.

HVC First Selection Cigars offer more than just a pleasurable smoke; they transport you on a journey through the soul of Havana. With each puff, you can sense the city’s lively streets, vibrant music, and a rich history that resonates with the timeless art of cigar making. As the smoke of the First Selection Cigar ascends, so does your connection with an age-old tradition that continues to captivate the world.

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