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Fume d'Amour

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In the universe of premium cigars, Fume d’Amour, produced by Illusione Cigars, stands as a shining testament to the mastery of blending and craftsmanship. The brainchild of Dion Giolito, a respected figure in the cigar industry, Fume d’Amour, meaning “Smoke of Love,” was introduced in 2014 and quickly gained prominence among cigar connoisseurs.

In crafting Fume d’Amour, Giolito ventured away from the use of ligero leaf – a bold and powerful tobacco often used for its strength – instead, focusing on seco and viso leaves. This resulted in a cigar that balances flavor, complexity, and strength impeccably. The Nicaraguan puros, wrapped in a beautiful Cafe Claro cover leaf, are the result of Giolito’s meticulous selection of specially fermented tobacco, and his innovative blending has given birth to a cigar that is both complex and nuanced.

Lighting up a Fume d’Amour is an adventure in taste. From the first draw, you are greeted with an impressive bouquet of flavors. Notes of almond and cedar harmonize with hints of leather, cocoa, and a touch of natural sweetness. This crescendo of flavors is complimented by a pleasing aroma and a long, satisfying finish. The impeccable construction ensures a smooth burn and an enjoyable smoking experience throughout.

Fume d’Amour’s blend of sophistication and balance has earned it high praise from critics and cigar enthusiasts alike. In 2015, it was ranked the No. 3 cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado, earning an impressive 96 rating. Reviewers commend it for its perfect balance, complexity, and the elegant dance of flavors it presents.

Fume d’Amour Cigars invite you to experience a world of refined flavors and thoughtful craftsmanship. These cigars encapsulate Dion Giolito’s philosophy of balance and quality, promising an extraordinary journey that unfolds with each puff. As the smoke ascends, the ‘Smoke of Love’ guides you through an indulgent exploration of fine tobacco, unmatched complexity, and an unwavering passion for excellence.

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