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Illusione Original Documents

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Steeped in authenticity and making a bold statement in the premium cigar landscape, the Illusione Original Documents series stands out as a masterpiece of cigar crafting. This exceptional creation hails from the vision of Dion Giolito, a respected innovator in the cigar industry known for his deft blending skills and commitment to quality. As the inaugural offering from Illusione, introduced in 2006, Original Documents holds a special place in the brand’s illustrious history.

‘Original Documents’ mirrors the series’ commitment to originality, authenticity, and the age-old tradition of fine cigar-making. Each stick is a meticulous blend of Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 tobaccos, skillfully encased in a sun-kissed Café Rosado wrapper that lends a touch of sophistication and depth.

When you ignite an Illusione Original Documents cigar, you’re welcomed into a world of complex, well-balanced flavors. The cigar tells a compelling tale of cocoa, leather, and earth, interspersed with spicy and sweet undertones that captivate the palate. The smoke is lush and rich, the burn consistently impeccable, a testament to the craftsmanship Illusione brings to each of their creations.

Since its introduction, the Illusione Original Documents series has consistently garnered high praise from critics and aficionados alike. High ratings and rave reviews follow this series, with many commending its robust flavor profile, impeccable construction, and the masterful narrative it delivers through its blend.

To savor an Illusione Original Documents cigar is to partake in a journey through time-honored traditions, superior craftsmanship, and a narrative of flavors that is as intriguing as it is satisfying. Each stick embodies Dion Giolito’s dedication to creating authentic, memorable smoking experiences. When you light an Original Documents cigar, you’re not just enjoying a premium smoke – you’re embarking on a journey into the soul of Illusione and experiencing the genesis of a brand that has truly made its mark in the cigar world.

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