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J.C. Newman Factory Throwouts

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Dive into the world of J C Newman Factory Throwouts, a hidden gem in the realm of premium cigars. This unique collection reflects the heritage of America’s oldest family-owned cigar maker, J.C. Newman, combining decades of tradition with an innovative approach to create an affordable, yet satisfying smoking experience.

Factory Throwouts owe their name to the minor visual blemishes found on the cigars, usually slight color variations or sunspots. However, these ‘imperfections’ do not detract from the quality or the smoking experience. In fact, they serve as interesting hallmarks of the hands-on process involved in crafting these cigars, making each one a unique piece of artistry.

Constructed using aged, short filler tobacco left over from the company’s higher-end cigars, Factory Throwouts are wrapped in a golden Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, imparting a wonderful combination of flavor profiles. Expect a delightful mix of earthy tones, soft spice, and a subtle sweetness that contributes to a mild to medium-bodied smoke.

Many cigar enthusiasts have praised Factory Throwouts for their consistent construction, even burn, and smooth draw. Furthermore, they’ve been recognized for providing a quality smoking experience that exceeds their affordable price point, making them an excellent choice for everyday enjoyment.

Packaged in simple bundles to further reduce costs, J C Newman Factory Throwouts offer exceptional value for money. They are an ideal choice for both cigar novices and seasoned smokers seeking a budget-friendly, yet flavorful smoke. Embrace the rustic charm of J.C. Newman Factory Throwouts and discover a smoking experience that proves that beauty is more than wrapper-deep.

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