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J.C. Newman Yagua

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Welcome to the distinctive world of J.C. Newman Yagua cigars, a unique offering that marries traditional cigar making techniques with the impeccable craftsmanship of America’s oldest family-owned premium cigar maker.

What sets Yagua cigars apart is their unique, rustic presentation. Each cigar is hand-rolled without using molds, a traditional Cuban method passed down through generations. Post-rolling, the cigars are bundled together while still wet, then wrapped in the leaf of a Yagua tree, which leaves each cigar with an individual, slightly irregular shape, adding a touch of character and authenticity.

These cigars feature a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers, enveloped in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This combination ensures a medium to full-bodied smoke that offers a complex flavor profile. Expect rich, earthy notes combined with hints of cocoa, leather, and a delightful, peppery finish, providing an indulgent and memorable smoking experience.

Reviews of J.C. Newman Yagua cigars often highlight their excellent construction, despite the non-conventional rolling method, and applaud the consistency of the burn and draw. Their unique shape and story make them a conversation piece, as well as a pleasure to smoke.

Packaged in a vintage-inspired box reminiscent of a bygone era, Yagua cigars are a nod to the rich history and tradition of cigar-making. They make a fascinating addition to any cigar collection and a thoughtful gift for aficionados who appreciate cigars with a story.

Experience the charm of traditional craftsmanship with J.C. Newman Yagua cigars – a captivating blend of history, tradition, and an unforgettable flavor journey.

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