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Delve into the rich heritage of Tampa’s cigar history with Tampa Trolleys cigars. This distinctive brand pays homage to the iconic trolleys that once transported cigar factory workers across the city, known as the “Cigar Capital of the World.” Crafted by the esteemed J.C. Newman Cigar Company, Tampa Trolley cigars encapsulate a legacy of craftsmanship and an era of cigar-making history in every stick.

Each Trolley cigar is meticulously handcrafted with an eclectic mix of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran long-fillers, encased in a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. This combination results in a smooth, medium-bodied smoke with a robust flavor profile. Notes of creamy coffee, toasted almonds, and a hint of sweet spice make their appearance, providing a balanced and pleasurable smoking experience.

An interesting fact about Tampa Trolley cigars is their origin story. These cigars serve as a tribute to the city’s rich cigar history, symbolizing a journey back to when Tampa was the epicenter of cigar manufacturing. This narrative adds an extra layer of enjoyment and connection to each smoking session.

Cigar aficionados often praise Tampa Trolley cigars for their excellent construction, consistency, and satisfying, even burn. The brand is celebrated for delivering quality and flavor that outperform their modest price point, making them an excellent choice for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions.

Packaged in boxes adorned with vintage trolley imagery, Tampa Trolley cigars make a great addition to any humidor and a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate cigars with a rich historical backdrop. Step back in time with Tampa Trolley cigars and savor a piece of Tampa’s cigar history with every puff.

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