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Trader Jack's Kickin Cigars

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Set sail on an aromatic journey with Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars, a delightful series known for its flavorful, aromatic smoking experience. Created by the venerable J.C. Newman Cigar Company, Trader Jack’s captures the spirit of the Caribbean in every stick, making it a fun and exciting choice for cigar enthusiasts.

Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars are meticulously hand-rolled using a blend of Caribbean and Central American tobaccos, encased in a golden Connecticut Shade wrapper. This flavorful combination unfolds in a mellow-bodied smoke that envelops the senses in notes of vanilla, sweet spice, and tropical fruit, delivering a veritable Caribbean vacation with each puff.

What sets Trader Jack’s apart is the resealable, humidified pouch in which they’re packaged. This innovative approach ensures that each cigar stays fresh, maintaining the cigars’ distinctive, aromatic profile without the need for a humidor. Plus, the pouch adds a unique, maritime-themed visual appeal that matches the cigars’ adventurous character.

Cigar aficionados often commend Trader Jack’s for their smooth, consistent burn and draw. The brand’s approachable price point, combined with its flavorful, aromatic profile, makes it a popular choice for both seasoned smokers looking for a change of pace and newcomers to the world of cigars.

Packaged in eye-catching, sailor-inspired pouches, Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars make an excellent addition to any cigar collection and a great gift for those seeking a unique, aromatic smoking experience. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing evening or sharing stories with friends, Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars add a touch of the tropics to every moment. Enjoy the voyage with every draw!

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