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JFR Lunatic Torch

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Discover the dynamic world of JFR Lunatic Torch Cigars, a robust line brought to life by the esteemed Casa Fernandez. Renowned for their commitment to quality, unique flavors, and affordability through their “Just For Retailers” (JFR) approach, Casa Fernandez promises a noteworthy smoking experience that captivates both seasoned cigar connoisseurs and novices alike.

The JFR Lunatic Torch Cigars are for those who dare to embrace the bold. Distinguished by their shaggy foot and larger ring gauges, these cigars make a statement even before the first draw. Each cigar is masterfully handcrafted with 100% Aganorsa tobacco, cultivated in the nutrient-rich, volcanic soils of Nicaragua. The blend is enfolded in a luscious Habano wrapper, which unfurls a full-bodied smoke characterized by robust notes of earth, sweet spices, cocoa, and a gratifying peppery finish.

What makes JFR Lunatic Torch Cigars truly unique is their ‘Torch’ feature – an exposed foot of binder and filler, sans wrapper. This allows the smoker to first taste the flavors of the binder and filler, before the wrapper kicks in, thus, creating a multi-dimensional smoking experience.

JFR Lunatic Torch Cigars have garnered acclaim for their impressive construction, consistent burn, and complex, satisfying flavors. Given their value for money, these cigars have become a preferred choice for those seeking a top-tier experience at an affordable price point.

Packaged in minimalist, yet elegant wooden boxes that resonate with the brand’s emphasis on quality over aesthetics, they make an audacious statement in any humidor. Step into a bold, flavorful experience and light up a JFR Lunatic Torch cigar – where the intensity of flavor meets exceptional craftsmanship.

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