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JFR Lunatic

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Experience the bold, full-flavored world of JFR Lunatic Cigars, an unforgettable line crafted by Casa Fernandez. Known for their “Just For Retailers” (JFR) commitment, Casa Fernandez prioritizes quality, flavor, and affordability, delivering a standout smoking experience that’s appreciated by both newcomers and seasoned cigar enthusiasts.

JFR Lunatic Cigars are not for the faint-hearted. These cigars are renowned for their hefty ring gauges, delivering an extended, indulgent smoke. Handcrafted with 100% Aganorsa tobacco, grown in the rich, volcanic soils of Nicaragua, each cigar offers a rich, robust flavor profile. The blend is available with either a Maduro or a Habano wrapper, each providing its unique flavor notes. Expect a deep, full-bodied smoke with hearty notes of earth, cocoa, leather, and a satisfying peppery kick.

An intriguing aspect of JFR Lunatic Cigars is their “big ring gauge” philosophy. The brand offers an array of oversized vitolas, making these cigars a daring choice for those seeking a long-lasting, intense smoking experience.

Reviews often commend JFR Lunatic Cigars for their flawless construction, consistent burn, and full, satisfying flavors. They’re appreciated for their remarkable value, delivering a premium experience at an affordable price point.

Packaged in minimalist, rustic wooden boxes that echo the brand’s emphasis on quality, JFR Lunatic Cigars make a bold statement in any humidor. If you’re looking for an intense, long-lasting smoke that doesn’t compromise on quality or flavor, JFR Lunatic Cigars are a choice you won’t regret. Embark on this audacious journey with every puff.

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