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Leccia Black & White

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Meet Leccia Black & White cigars, the dynamic duo of the tobacco world. When you think about opposites attracting, this pair is the epitome of that maxim—like a culinary mastermind pairing fine wine with a gourmet meal. Leccia Black is the dark and mysterious sibling, while Leccia White is the sophisticated, smooth operator. Both deliver exceptional smoking experiences but through remarkably different flavor profiles.

Leccia Black is a force to be reckoned with—dark-fired Kentucky tobacco adds a smoky BBQ-like essence that perfectly complements notes of coffee, chocolate, and spice. You’ll feel like you’re sitting around a campfire under the open sky, even if you’re just lounging in your favorite armchair. On the other hand, Leccia White, featuring Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania Seco long-fillers, brings you a complex tapestry of flavors—creamy cedar, floral notes, and a dash of peppery excitement. It’s the kind of cigar you’d enjoy while watching the sunset over a tranquil sea.

Founded by Sam Leccia, often dubbed the “mad scientist” of cigars, the brand quickly made a name for itself in an industry steeped in tradition. The Black and White series showcases the brand’s audacity and Sam’s ingenious blending skills, challenging smokers to rethink what a cigar could and should be.

The cigar community hasn’t been shy about their love for these sticks. Numerous reviews hail the Black and White cigars as a “must-try,” often making their way into “Editor’s Pick” lists across cigar publications. Even social media platforms are awash with praise, as photos of these cigars feature prominently in Instagram and Twitter feeds of enthusiasts from coast to coast.

In sum, whether you’re a cigar neophyte or a seasoned connoisseur, Leccia Black & White cigars are a journey of contrasts and harmonies waiting to be discovered. Light up and let the journey unfold.

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